Media propagates traditional relationship roles, no duh right?

So maybe I really should be in Women's Studies. Which I will always believe should be renamed Gender Studies. At this point in the history of feminism we should be embracing gender equality, even though our predecessors fought for many many years to be in college let alone have a recognized College in the Midwest. Anyway I just noticed a media perpetuation of traditional/stereotypical gender and relationship roles.
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Cha cha cha changes.....

Soooooo, in case you aren't on my facebook or, like me, you don't keep up with it, I'm gonna be doing something drastic on the 26th. I'm going to shave my head to help raise money for childhood cancer research. For those of you that know me, you'll recognize how strange it will be for me to have no curls. For everyone else there's a recent picture below.

But now... I need you!!! Bust out your pocketbooks and donate something, anything, to help me reach my goal and save some kids. Here's the link, and THANKS!



-I find it ironic that two things I value in myself are being naive and judgmental.
-(Discussion of animals in sweaters and handbags) There is a line, it's the purse line.
-(Hearing "Do they know it's Christmastime at all" on the loudspeakers)Most ethnocentric song ever! NO they don't know, they don't CARE!! THEY AREN'T CHRISTIANS!


I recently heard of the Spoon Theory regarding living with a disability, especially an invisible one. For me this means ADHD, depression, IBS, insomnia, sleep apnea, degenerative disc disease, and chronic jaw pain. Although in a recent meeting with a psychiatrist (BTW the psychiatrist at the WSU counseling and testing center is AMAZING!!!) she's considering a form of bipolar and is really concerned about my early onset of sleeping problems.

I used to look down on people with "chronic"/invisible illnesses especially young people, although in my defense my best friend growing up was a pathological liar so that definitely colored my attitude on the subject. As I've developed more and more health problems I've come to understand how tiring, painful, and isolating having issues such as these can be! While mine are certainly not terribly high on the lists, the combination of them all is pretty bad. I really really feel for people with more serious issues than mine.

My favorite quote is "Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal."- Albert Camus. This is my life. I'm not going to try to explain the spoon theory as I think it's best understood by reading the article. I don't think it's a perfect analogy, but I feel that had I been presented with this idea when I was still terribly judgmental, I would have had a much better idea of how hard life can be for some people. So when you see the state of my house, notice I never wear jewelry or do my hair, skip out on an event, cancel plans, drop my classes, am always late, forget things, etc etc.... just remember, I'm probably low on spoons.

An evening at my house

Eldest Daughter: "Dude, that's stupid! You can't become a cannibal!" (Regarding spore game)

Drew: "Should I get some saffron?"
Me: "Saffrons expensive. It's the spice of kings, and we ain't no kings!"
Drew: "Buddhist monks robes are saffron."
Me: "They are saffron colored, not made of saffron, cause then there would be no more moodist bunks!"

On the Plus Side, the Office Smells Like Mom's Chicken Soup

On the Plus Side, the Office Smells Like Mom's Chicken Soup

IT guy on phone: Yeah, we had to let Sam* go this weekend. (pause) Yeah, the server's fixed. (pause) Uh, it's sort of weird. (pause) Yeah, well... He was on call rotation and got called in. He was high. (pause) He brought ten packs of pasta noodles with him, and jammed each noodle into the mail server intake fan. (pause) Something like that. He said the sound the noodles made against the Delta fans was the sound of the Microsoft demons being cast from the server. (pause) He managed to fill the server case with noodle shrapnel, which made the system overheat. (pause) How would I know if he successfully cast the demons from the server? (pause) No, it's still booting server 2008, if that's what you mean.