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Apr. 5th, 2010


What does "ENTER" do?

If you make a web store and don't pay attention to what your enter key does when someone is filling out a form, I will hunt you down and kill you. If your fields accept auto fill suggestions there should be a way to accept them without having to use my mouse, otherwise it's not any faster. If I press enter in one of three separate forms on a screen, the enter key should apply to the button associated with my form I am filling out, not the first one on the page. If I press enter while filling out information and it's not fully filled out, it should generate an error and allow me to enter the additional information... not drop me back to the front page and make me start the whole order all over again!!

I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE faulty forms, online and off. Tab order is not hard people!! Jesus.

Mar. 26th, 2010


"Woot" Off

When I misread Diablo in the name of the golf clubs below as Dildo, during the current Woot-Off I really wondered if "woot" was now a euphemism.

Callaway Big Bertha Diablo Draw Fairway Wood

Mar. 21st, 2010


mental note

Relate the illustrated bmi or photographic height/weight chart to media references to weight (typically to insinuate how insanely fat someone is.)

Mar. 15th, 2010


But the cleaning would be nice too

Feb. 19th, 2010


Privilege Shmivlege

I read this article on Dooce.com (the origin of the term dooced, meaning to be fired for things you wrote on the internet) about the author using Twitter to call out Maytag on some horrible customer service and how effective it was. I suggest reading the whole article because this lady is HILARIOUS, but I'm going to post just a small part. This is exactly how I feel about "privilege".

"This is where some of you are all, WTF? You spent how much on a washing machine? Don't you know that some of us don't even have washing machines? Don't you know that some of us have to drag our five loads of laundry AND our three kids down to the laundromat every week? HOW DARE YOU EVEN WRITE AND/OR COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR PRECIOUS LITTLE WASHING MACHINE.

And you can give me a goddamn break. It's not like we said, you know what? Let's just go spend fourteen hundred dollars today! It'll be fun! Where can we go? An appliance store! Hurry, let me change into my diamond-studded panties and climb into our golden chariot! Have the local police shut down traffic so that we don't have to maneuver around the little people! Also, where is Clive Owen and that blow job I paid for?

You know what we did do? We had a washing machine fund. Where we put a little money here and there, and we waited until we had enough in it to make such a purchase. Because I was raised by a man who taught me the value of doing that kind of thing. Thank you, Michael Hamilton.

Also, I paid $1,300 for an appliance. And bought the 10-yr warranty. That damn thing better work, so help me god. Why? BECAUSE I PAID $1,300 FOR IT. AND IT'S BRAND NEW. That's $1,300 I could have spent elsewhere, because we live in America, and that's how this economy works. So when I get upset about A BRAND NEW $1,300 APPLIANCE NOT WORKING, it's not like I'm getting upset about the fact that my butler has bad breath.

Are there other, more important issues in this world? Of course there are. There is always something more important. Period. But if you're going to tell me not to complain that my brand new appliance THAT COST ME $1,300 DOESN'T WORK then you aren't ever allowed to complain about anything whatsoever. Do you have a headache? SHUT UP. HOW DARE YOU. Some kid in war-torn Iraq DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A HEAD.

Oooh, that last one is going to get me some great email. I'VE CROSSED THE LINE NOW! UNFOLLOW!

(Also, I've just upset my headless readers.)"

Dec. 22nd, 2009


Fuck the 12 days of christmas

12 0 ($120, cheating I know) dollars need to be paid on phone.
11 windows open on my computer right now
10 pieces of candy coated crap that's all I've had to eat today
9 student appointments I need to finish
8 hours late the storm will be that could have gotten me out of work tomorrow
7 days of vacation I have to take during holiday shutdown whether I want to or not.
6 hours of sleep.
5 hours till I can go home.
4 presents I HAVE to finish.
3 overdraft charges (on purchases less than $10).
2 kids that will get crap for christmas.
and a water disconnect notice.

Sep. 30th, 2009


Who am I??

I finally have something I deem important enough to take the time to actually post. I think I no longer have any idea who I am. I've been taking a Career Explorations class, trying to figure out where the hell to go from here in my college career. I am SO burned out on math and science classes right now I could spit, and I was beginning to believe that I just don't have the time and patience for them anymore. I have been contemplating getting a Women's Studies degree, not only because it would be cake, but because it would allow me philosophical discussions and growth. It wasn't until responding to a friends post in which I waxed on about the spiritual implications of the internet that it hit me...... Hard Sciences don't let you think.

God that was painful to type!

If you don't know me very well then you won't really understand this. I am a hard sciences kind of girl. The world is explained by mathematics and every other science is simply built upon it. This is my belief..... and yet.

I am seriously getting veklempt just typing about this. It's as if I am stabbing Paul Erdos in the back with every word.

But I think that what I am really missing in college right now is some mental masturbation. Some deep thinking. And the hard "true" sciences don't give you that. Ouch.

Aug. 17th, 2009


I'm old

Originally uploaded by SxySkeksis.

My baby started middle school today. She looks like she could be starting high school!! I'm so excited and scared, but mostly thrilled that I get to be here for this huge social and academic step!!

Jul. 5th, 2009


Corrective actions have been taken

I know a lot of my friends list can appreciate this tidbit from Found.

Jun. 6th, 2009


Oh Snap!

Spiff-Johnson> So i bought a shirt from express men.. does that make me gay?
cool4dude> no, the fact that you have sex with men makes you gay
cool4dude> the shirt just makes you a stereotype

This proper use of "oh Snap" brought to you by Bash.org.

Remember Criteria for the Proper Tactical Usage of the Phrase "Oh Snap": A Flowchart

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